tree fruit Genome Database Resources
An integrated genomics, genetics, breeding and cultivar evaluation knowledgebase,
for tree fruit researchers, breeders and growers

Welcome to the tfGDR Project Website

Accounting for two-thirds of all U.S. fruit and nut crop production, the Rosaceae and Citrus industries provide unique and valuable contributions to consumers’ dietary choices and overall health. The vibrant Rosaceae and Citrus industries are faced with very real challenges to global competitiveness and sustainability that can only be met by development of improved cultivars through genomics-assisted breeding. Building on the Genome Database for Rosaceae (GDR), tree fruit Genome Database Resources (tfGDR) will provide fundamental bioinformatics and database capabilities for Rosaceae and Citrus. It will be designed specifically to meet the needs of basic, translational and applied researchers, and industry stakeholders, facilitating the discovery of genes underlying important agricultural traits, the development of markers for genomics-assisted-breeding, and enhance critical decision-making by apple, cherry, peach, strawberry and citrus breeders and growers. Built in collaboration with Solanaceae and using standardized code, this comprehensive genomics database platform will be extendable to other specialty crops.  Specific objectives are to: (1) collect, analyze, integrate genomics, genetics and breeding data to facilitate gene discovery and marker-trait associations, (2) provide data-mining resources of genomic, genetic, breeding and cultivar performance data for breeders and growers to expedite development and adoption of new and existing cultivars, and (3) extend community outreach in genomics, genomics-assisted breeding and crop management.